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People in charge

Nelli Huttunen

Nelli Huttunen
Tapio Tiihonen

Tapio Tiihonen
Paavo Norema

Paavo Norema
Magnus Buinevitš

Magnus Buinevitš
Varpu Soini

Varpu Soini

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Other services

In addition to the van and the copier machine, the guild offers other services as well such as:

  • Welding machine

    The Guild of Mechanical Engineers has a MinarcMig Adaptive 180 Mig/Mag welding machine, which the members can loan. It can be retrieved from the guild room, and the machine and its auxiliary parts are in a carriage that's easy to move around. The welding wire/filler material at the moment is 0.8 and the shielding gas is MISON. You can also get instructions and hot tips about using the machine, if needed.

  • Barbeque

    Need to grill sausages for some friends? The best way to do it is with the guild's barbeque! All you pay for is the gas you use. For this, please contact the van responsible.

  • Storage room

    At the guild room, next to the Office, there is a small storage room. You can use it for instance to store valuable things during lectures or else be creative and have fun in the woodwork corner. The storage room is always locked, but board members and officials have the key.

  • Exam archive

    Otaniemi has a shared exam archive at http://www.tenttiarkisto.fi/. After an exam you can drop off the exam paper to a box outside the guild room, and the guild's study sector will update it online.