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Contact Information

Harassment contact persons of the guild of mech. engineers:

  • Jenny Manner (TG: jennihuttunen)
  • Karri Pönni (TG: karriponni)
  • Antti Taskinen (TG: taskisenantti)
  • Ioanna Orfanoudaki (TG: oioanna)
  • Nina Lindqvist (TG: ninacius)

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Contact harassment persons

The Guild of Mech. Engineers’ Harassment Contact Persons are available for all members of the guild. They can be contacted at a low threshold any time you feel that you or someone you know have faced inappropriate behavior during the guild’s activities.

All conversations will be confidential and any kind of action will only be taken with the permission of the person contacting us. Your feedback helps us to make sure that everyone feels safe and to all around improve our guild.

Harassment Contact Persons can be contacted either directly through Telegram or simply talking to them at events or the guild room, but you can also use the feedback form found on the guild’s website.