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Otakaari 4
Otaniemi, Espoo

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PL 14100
00076 Aalto

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The guild

The Guild of Mechanical Engineers is called Koneinsinöörikilta, KIK. It is a student organization for the mechanical and structural engineering students at Aalto University School of Engineering.

KIK organizes a large number of events and parties, offers services, takes care of new students, as well as familiarizes its members with companies in the field of mechanical and building industry. KIK also takes care of students interests towards the departments and faculty.

KIK was founded in 1915 and received a status of registered association in 2001. Any member of AYY, The Student Union of Aalto University, can join the guild. Members of KIK are entitled to use all services provided by the guild. At the moment KIK has around 1100 members.

KIK is managed by an around 12 member board and a large number of officials. The board and officials are chosen at the end of every calendar year, and any member of the guild is welcome to apply.

How do I join KIK?

Becoming a member of guild means you get information about upcoming events and parties, get to use the services provided, and get free coffee at the guild room! Come to the guild room in K1 and join us. The first step is joining our english mailing list to get weekly information about what going on.

Since the guilds run on voluntary work, there is always something to do for those who are interested. Help out at parties, make contacts to companies, develop the study systems and courses, build machines... You name it. It's a great way to really integrate and become a part of the long student traditions of Finland!