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Freshmen Captains

Riku Päivärinta
Freshmen Captain

Riku Päivärinta
Janni Kerkkänen
Freshmen Captain

Janni Kerkkänen
Emma Maliniemi
Masters Captain

Emma Maliniemi

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Teekkari cap and teekkari culture

How can you earn your teekkari cap?

­ To earn the teekkari cap, you have to study at one of the Schools of Aalto University School of Science and Technology. You also need to complete the needed freshman points and prove that you know the teekkari culture and belong to it.

How can I earn freshman points?

­ You can earn freshman points from every guild’s and AYY’s (Aalto University Student Union) events.

Who can write the freshman points?

­ You can get the freshman points from the Head of International Affairs of the Guild of Mechanical Engineers, the Guild of Civil Engineers or the Guild of Surveying Engineers.

First week

What happens on the first day?

­ Firstly, keep in mind that you’re not the alone, since hundreds of students around the world come to Otaniemi. The first day starts with the school’s orientation event and after that with the guilds’ presentations. Don’t worry, your tutors will guide you through the first day.

What happens on the first week?

­ On the first week, all new students attend the school’s orientation course. There are also other activities, the guild will organize events, where you can get to know other students. It’s prefered that you are active on the first week, because the week will be one of the funniest weeks of your life! Get the best out of it!

Random questions

Getting a roof over your head?

­ HOAS, Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region and AYY AYY , Aalto University Student Union will provide you an apartment for a fair student price! You can also try to find an apartment from a private sector. Just remember to make the notice of moving!

Other questions?

­ Every new student has received the Guild Guide in their acceptance letter. The guide is a great source of information for your questions. You can also find this guide in the Freshman guide link above. Don’t be afraid to contact the Guild’s International sector. You can find our contact informations on the top right of this page.

Useful links

These following links will help you out

  • Living, Get a roof over your head
    • AYY housing, Aalto University Student Union
    • HOAS, Foundation for Studen Housing in the Helsinki
  • Healthcare
    • FSHS, Finnish Student Health Service